étanchéité en EPDM


Interior and exterior insulation


Mp Renov specializes in the interior and exterior insulation of your home throughout Belgium. We take care of the insulation work on your roof, but also your windows and chassis.


Insulation of your roof

The roof is the surface of a house that probably represents the most heat loss (about 30%). It is therefore an indispensable investment for your comfort: in winter, thermal insulation limits heat leaks, in summer it limits the heating of the air inside your home bringing you comfort and well-being.


Isolate your roof? Our job !


Mprenov offers you different types of insulation materials that give your home a quality thermal and acoustic insulation. Moreover, these materials are very efficient and inexpensive. They also limit your moisture problems.

With Mprenov, you are assured of a perfect insulation of your roof!


Mprenov specializes in roofing EPDM on Brussels and Wemmel.


The advantages of sealing your roof with the EPDM solution are numerous. Here are a few:

  • Life of more than 50 years
  • Fire classification
  • Resistant
  • Recycling at 100%

Opt for the EPDM roofing waterproofing solution on Brussels with MPrenov. This is the solution for a long term investment!


Mprenov has been using the EPDM solution since the early 2000s in and around Brussels.